samantha Galligan

What do you do at Bissell brothers?

I work in the taproom. I spend a lot of time pouring beer for people, making friends, and breaking glasses, mainly.

How did you get involved with bissell brothers?

Pete was one of the first people I met in Portland about 6 years ago just from being out in the music scene. We became friends. Fast-forward 5 years or however long it was, and Cam Bosch the packaging manager let me know that Bissell was going to be hiring for their new taproom. He encouraged me to apply. Then I stalked him everyday for 3 weeks until I heard I got the job.

What is your favorite thing about BBB?

Oh gosh. My favorite thing about Bissell Brothers is feeling welcomed into the Bissell family. The staff and owners and everyone make it feel like we are all building something together. 

what do you do outside of the brewery? 

I write a bar guide for Maine Today magazine, which involves more drinking. I hang out with my cat, and I spend a lot of time at Goodwill, thrift shopping, looking for deals. Haha, it’s true though. I like watching West Wing, and Game of Thrones.

what is your most prized possession?

I have a whole bunch of pictures from my grandparents from when they were high school sweethearts, through their late teens and early 20’s. That’s what I would run inside my burning apartment to get.

if you could have one super power what would it be?

Whew. I would… hmmm. Yeah I would fly. That would be a pretty cool party trick.