Mike Sardina 

What do you do at Bissell Brothers? 

I am the events manager, hospitality lead, and employee wellness ninja. Like most people here, I wear a lot of hats.

How did you get involved with Bissell Brothers? 

I met Pete and Noah electronically through social media. I sent Noah a hoodie. Then Hester and Noah came and visited me at Societe Brewing in San Diego. The rest is history. 

I couldn’t be more STOKED.

What is your favorite thing about BBB? 

It is the people who work here who make it such a special place. It’s Kelsa, guard dog. It’s The Substance, my favorite beer, and it's all the awesome beer people who feel the same, and support us.

What do you do outside of the brewery? 

I write and read, I am a very amateur photographer, and I watch silly cartoons, and play silly board games.

What is your most prized possession? 

It is a photograph of my ma and dad on vacation in Sicily. it is the happiest I have ever seen them, it reminds me that life is about being happy.

If you could have one super power what would it be?

Speed reading. Imagine how fast you could get through the entire Dr. Seuss catalogue.