Kevin Broydrick

What do you do at bissell brothers?

I work behind the bar, pouring and educating people about the beer. I give tours, and I put to work my considerable janitorial skills.

How did you get involved with bissell brothers?

I first met Noah when we were both at UMF, but got to know he and Peter better during their time at the Thirsty Pig. I hosted a few parties at my old Libbytown apartment that featured early versions of Bissell beers. Pretty much the ultimate guerrilla marketing event.

What is your favorite thing about BBB?

The sense of family and community that the group brings to the table. It’s a staff that is truly dedicated to serving our home state, and puts the needs of Maine beer fans first.

What do you do outside of the brewery?

I Spend a lot of time working on my barn, along with some freelance beer writing for the Portland Phoenix. I also love playing disc golf, and getting as deep into the woods as I can, as often as possible.

What is your most prized possession?

Woah. Hmmm. My wife. Wait, maybe you shouldn’t print that, I’m a feminist…

If you could have one super power what would it be?

The ability to drink beer, with my mind...