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james krams

What do you do at bissell brothers?

I am the Taproom Manager. I (with the amazing front of house team) provide as many smiles as possible to the wonderful patrons of the world.

how did you get involved with bissell brothers? 

Bartending with Noah and Peter at the Thirsty Pig before the company started. We became buds and I wanted to be part of the energy and future of BBB.

what is your favorite thing about BBB? 

Iā€™d say the full BBB team camaraderie. Being lucky enough to represent this brand and the quality product we produce. Also, trying to give a heck of an experience to all customers in the way of service.

what do you do outside of the brewery? 

I love my family. I surf. I bowl. I bike. I snowboard. I drive sweet mini vans. 

what is your most prized possession?

My kids, and probably my 1987 New York Giants sweater.  

if you could have one super power what would it be? 

Oh man. I would turn myself into a flying squirrel. The super power is ... gliding without running.