alex lawlor 

What do you do at bissell brothers?

I work in the front of the house and pour beer.

how did you get involved with bissell brothers? 

I met Noah at The Thirsty Pig a few years ago. He said he was opening a brewery. Then he did it. He needed help occasionally, so I stepped in. When the new brewery opened, they needed someone on an as-needed basis, and I was able to fill that role.

what is your favorite thing about bbb?

The friendships I’ve made here. They’re lifelong. 

what do you do outside of the brewery?

I'm a pharmacist and spend my free time with my wife and our dog, playing guitar, and hiking. We're also new homeowners so lots ask of this old house. 

what is your most prized possession?

It would be my grandfather’s war metals.

if you could have one super power what would it be?

Apparition. The roads are dangerous.

I’ve been reading Harry Potter, clearly.